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Commercial Arbitration


Commercial Arbitration Solicitors For Dispute Resolution

Commercial arbitration offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for dispute resolution, providing a confidential process that allows for a tailored approach. This method stands out as a preferable alternative to traditional litigation due to its efficiency and adaptability.

Our Expertise in Commercial Arbitration

At Eldwick Law, we pride ourselves on our dedicated team of expert lawyers who specialise in commercial arbitration. With a diverse client base, we possess a deep understanding of the arbitration process, ensuring clear and cost-effective advice. Our specialists are equipped to support clients from the start to the finish of arbitration proceedings, including hearings when necessary.

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Our Commercial Arbitration Solicitors

Our team specialises in commercial litigation arbitration, comprising five lawyers from the EU, UK, and CIS, expertly managing complex, high-value international cases. Our multilingual team is skilled in both common and civil law, with a keen awareness of cultural differences across arbitral jurisdictions.

Areas of Arbitration

We specialise in various arbitration platforms including:

  • International Court of Arbitration (ICC)
  • London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)
  • International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)
  • United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

Our services extend to pre-contentious advice for dispute avoidance, post-award enforcement, and commercial litigation services in support of arbitration efforts. Our expertise covers a broad range of enforcement strategies, including Mareva Injunctions and Asset Tracing, as well as post-arbitration processes like award appeals and investment arbitration.

Investment Arbitration

Our team has significant experience in investment arbitration, focusing on disputes between foreign investors and host states. We work closely with legal experts, other law firms, and leading barristers to provide comprehensive support for our clients.

Collaboration with Commercial Litigation

Our Arbitration team collaborates with the Commercial Litigation team to strengthen our offerings, providing services such as Mareva Injunctions, Asset Tracing, and enforcement measures in support of arbitration.

Funding and Insurance Solutions

Understanding the financial challenges of arbitration, we offer advice on alternative funding options. Our network includes litigation funding specialists and investors ready to provide financial and insurance solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

Commercial Arbitration Lawyers at Eldwick Law

Choosing Eldwick Law means accessing a team of dedicated arbitration lawyers who are committed to delivering effective solutions, no matter the complexity of your case. For expert advice on commercial arbitration, contact us and let our specialists guide you through every stage of the arbitration process.

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