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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property, Media, and Entertainment Law


Eldwick Law provides a broad range of non-contentious and dispute resolution services concerning intellectual property (IP) and media law issues.

In addition to our advisory and commercial services, we offer dispute resolution services including litigation and ADR (alternative dispute resolution) including negotiated settlements, mediation, and arbitration.

Copyright and media law.

The application of copyright law to a broad range of sectors including publishing, music, multi-media including film and TV, photography gaming and the arts. Our broad range of services for the creative industries include full breath of option, production and writers’ agreements, assignment and licensing and assignment of copyrights, format and story rights, as well as the application of nascent technologies e.g. NFTS (non-fungible tokens).


Advice and guidance on registered and unregistered trademarks as well as related passing off issues. Services include trademark registration, branding strategy, licensing and assignment agreements. We can advise upon your overall IP strategy as well as undertake IP due diligence audits.

Design Rights.

Eldwick Law can advise on design rights and registration, as well as dispute resolution where applicable.

Patents, trade secrets and unitary model.

We offer an advisory service as to key steps to protect your innovation including the patent and unitary model registration system. Also advising and drafting commercial agreements relating to technology transfer or assignment, licensing, joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Reputational management.

Advice on how to manage reputation issues whether as an individual or organisation, including confidentiality agreements, images rights considerations, passing off, defamation and contempt of court disputes.

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