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Eldwick Law advises upon legal issues relating to the development and application of Blockchain and AI technologies, such as cryptocurrencies , non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the meta verse towards the creation of a more decentralised economy and society including use in supply chains, science, medicine, media, and transport as well as the legal, financial and insurance industries.

Regulatory framework.

Analysis of whether coins/tokens, NFTs and other digital assets may be securities or commodities, and the implications of any applicable regulatory frameworks.

Related Property and Intellectual Property issues.

Issues as to the legal status of a crypto asset including proprietorship. Intellectual property rights issues arising from Blockchain and AI including creation and ownership of IP, smart contracts, protection of Blockchain and AI technology such as related copyright and patent protection.  Also, the application of Blockchain as a distribution system within the creative industries and the means by which to create digital assets. The status of IP created by AI including copyright, designs and patents.

Privacy and database issues.

The immutable nature of Blockchain means there are potential conflicts with the requirements of data protection legislation leading to potential consequential liability and reputational issues.

ESG and taxonomy.

Blockchain is becoming a vital tool within supply chain due diligence including compliance with ESG and taxonomy issues. However, the application of Blockchain including its energy use and environmental impact creates issues for the technology’s own ESG compliance.

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